What's the usage of separated mixed metal and resin fibers from waste circuit board? How much can they sell for?

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Maybe you know that the waste circuit boards can be separated to get mixed metal and resin fibers. But do you know the usage of separated of mixed metal and resin fibers? How much can they sell for? In this article, you will get the answer.

As for the mixed metal, there are 2 ways to handle them.

1. Selling directly

In general, most customers will choose to sell mixed metal directly. Because this way is convenient and profitable. According to the different proportion of each metal in the mixed metal, one ton of mixed metal can sell to about USD 9230 to USD10700. Due to local and regional differences, the local market price shall prevail.

mixed metals usageMixed metals usage

2. Extracting precious metal and selling

The other processing way is to extract the precious metals and then selling. Mixed metals of old circuit boards usually contain gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium and other rare metals. We can extract precious metals by precious metal purification process, and selling as raw materials for different metal products. For example, we can extract high purity copper by copper electrolysis, and then selling them as raw materials of copper products.

And as for resin fiber, there are 3 ways to process them.

1. Selling directly

The first way to process resin fiber is also selling them directly. We can sell them to some factories, especially processing resin powder.

resin fiber usageResin fiber usage

2. Making new products for selling

Resin powder can be further grinding and made for new products. Resin grinding to 80 mesh to make resin tiles and building brick filler, grinding to 120 mesh can be used as floor paint, grinding to 300 mesh to be used as heat insulation material and fireproof material. In this way, resin fiber can be sold a little higher than selling directly, which can selling about USD 126 to USD 183.

3. Landfill directly

In some countries, resin fiber should have to be landfill according to some rules. Because the resin powder maybe a kind of hazardous waste in these countries.

waste circuit board recycling machineWaste circuit board recycling machine

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