How do you granulate copper wire?

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There are many kinds of waste copper wires in our daily life. As we all know, copper wire can be recycled into copper and plastic granule, and then to sell them for money. Then, how do we granulate copper wires?

Now, the most popular machine is dry-type copper wire granulator equipment. And the above 3D video shows the general working process of the machine. Firstly, we put copper wires or cables on the belt conveyor, and then go though the shredder and crusher, we will get copper and plastic in min size, about 3-4mm. And then the next step is separating.

air separator and electrostatic separatorAir separator and electrostatic separator

As for the separating, there are two kinds of separator of copper wire granulator machine. One is air separator, and the other is electrostatic separator. If the wires are thick, the air separator will get 99% separation rate. But if the wires are thin, whose diameter is less than 3mm, the separation rate can only reach to about 97% or 98%. So if we want to get higher separation rate, we need an electrostatic separator to process these thin wires. Electrostatic separator does the separation, according to the different conductivity of metals and non-metals. The separation rate can reach to 99.9%. Based on the above working process, you will get copper and plastic granule.

working process of copper wire granulator equipmentCopper wire granulator equipment working process

During the working process, copper wire granulator machine won't use water, fire, or chemical solution, thus there is no pollution to environment and damage to quality of copper and plastic. The high purity and good quality copper and plastic can bring considerable profit to us.

Now because the copper price is higher than before, the copper wire recycling business is more and more popular. If you want to know more about this business, you can contact with our Doing company. Our professional engineer and sale manager will give you much useful suggestion. Welcome to contact us feel free.

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