How does the waste PCB recycling equipment work?

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Waste PCB recycling equipment is a machine, which can separate metals and resin fiber from waste PCB boards, which has helped many recyclers get high profit. So how does waste PCB recycling equipment to separate metals and resin fiber from waste PCB boards? How does the waste PCB recycling equipment work? Read on, you will find answer in the passage.

The waste PCB recycling equipment processing flow is very easy to understand, because it can separate mixed metals and resin fiber, just through crushing and separating two parts.

1. Crushing part

crushing partCrushers

For the whole production line, there are two crushers. The first crusher is Hammerhead crusher, it can crush PCB board to small piece which smaller than 1cm easily. Then the small pieces will through belt conveyor enter the second crusher, which is hammer crusher, the small pieces will be crushed to smaller particles less than 4mm.

2. Separating part

separating partSeparating part

Crushed particles from secondary crush will go into eddy-vibrating screen, which is used to control the size of materials. When they're small enough, they will pass the screen, and then go into next process. For those bigger materials, they will be sent back to the hammer crusher for further crushing, until they are small enough it will pass the screen and go into next process, the bigger material will back to the crusher for crushing again, until they are small enough. Finally, the size of screening particle is about 20 mesh. In this size, it is easy to separate the metals and resin fiber. Then we can use air separator and electrostatic separator to separate metals and resin fiber, according to their different gravity and conductivity. The separation rate can reach over 99%.

waste PCB recycling equipmentWaste PCB recycling equipment

Hoping the passage can help you have a better understanding about waste PCB recycling equipment. Any further question about waste PCB recycling equipment, feel free to contact us. Our sales manager and engineer will service you sincerely.

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