Can you recycle medication blister packs? How to recycle?

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A medication blister pack is a card that packages doses of medication within small, clear, or light-resistant amber-colored plastic bubbles (or blisters). Actually, the medication blister pack is made of aluminum and plastic, both of are recyclable materials. So throw medication blister packs away directly is unwise. We can recycle the aluminum and plastic inside.

medication blister packsMedication blister packs

After recycling, the recycled aluminum and plastic can bring considerable profit to us. The recycled aluminum can be made into firework, bubble brick, aluminum ingot, or it can be sold for cash directly. As for the plastic, it also has wide application, like blister sheet, tray, pelleting, as well as sell directly. Both of them can bring considerable profit to us.

Well, how can we get recycled aluminum and plastic? There are many ways to separate aluminum and plastic from medication blister packs, like fire burning, chemical dissolution, etc. But I prefer the mechanical separation method - medication blister packs recycling equipment.

medication blister packs recycling equipmentWorking process of medication blister packs recycling equipment

Medication blister packs recycling equipment is also called aluminum plastic recycling machine, which is a new technology dry type equipment. The detailed working process is crushing, grinding, eddy vibrating screen and electrostatic separating. First, crusher will crush scrap medication blister packs into small pieces for pre-processing. Second, grinder will grinding these small pieces into 20 meshes. The eddy vibrating screen is used for controlling the size of medication blister packs. Those bigger particles will return to grinding for secondary grinding and small pieces will enter into electrostatic separator for separating. Then aluminum and plastic will be separated from medication blister packs.

Medication blister packs recycling equipment has many advantages:

1. The crushing and grinding system is provided with a circulating water cooling device, plastic does not melt and does not change color during the crushing process, which won't damage the quality of plastic.

2. Dry type physical separation method, without using fire, chemical dissolution, or water; dust removal system collect the dust. Both of them won't do harm to environment.

3. The high-voltage electrostatic separator can extract fine aluminum powder and aluminum particles with a purity of more than 99%, ensuring the purity of aluminum and plastic, which can bring high profit to us.

medication blister packs recycling equipmentMedication blister packs recycling equipment

Do you have scrap medication blister packs? Do you want to recycle them? Then medication blister packs recycling equipment will be your best choice. Welcome to contact us to get more details about medication blister packs recycling equipment.

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