How to take copper out of wire? --Use DOING copper wire granulator

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To take copper out of wire, there are many methods. But which one is the best method to take copper out of wire? Now, more and more countries pay more attention to environment pollution problem, so best method to take copper out of wire should be no pollution. DOING copper wire granulator adopts physical separation technology, no pollution, which can fulfil this requirement completely.

How to take copper out of wires by DOING copper wire granulator?

Like the above video shows:

1. We put copper wire on the belt conveyor, and wires will go through shredder and crusher.

2. Wires will be crushed as 3-4mm.

3. Magnetic separator will separate iron from copper and plastic.

4. Air separator will separate copper and plastic. After this step, the separation rate can reach 98%-99%.

5. Electrostatic separator can separate copper from plastic to improve separation rate, which can be more than 99%.

This is very complete configuration. Of course, it depends on the types of your wire. If your wires are thick wires, like square wires, after air separation, the separation rate can get more than 99%. But if your wires are thin wires whoes diameter is under 3mm, you had better use electrostatic separator to make sure the high separation rate.

So, according to different types wires, DOING can provide you different types of copper wire granulator.

1. Small scale copper wire granulator

small scale copper wire granulatorSmall scale copper wire granulator

Small scale copper wire granulator can process those waste cable wires with diameter below 25mm, and it has advantages of easy to operate, engery saving and cheap.

2. Medium scale copper wire granulator

medium scale copper wire granulatorMedium scale copper wire granulator

Medium scale copper wire granulator can process the waste cables wire with diameter below 30mm, and environmental protection, high working efficiency as well as cost-effective are its advantages.

3. Large scale copper wire granulator

large scale copper wire granulatorLarge scale copper wire granulator

Large scale copper wire granulator has wide application, it can process all kinds of waste cable wires, and its processing capacity is bigger than the others. If you have larger processing capacity, we can also customize machine according to your needs.

If you want larger scale copper wire granulator, DOING Company can design for you. We have engineer team and our own factory. Our enterprise spirit: original spirit, manufacture with heart. Welcome you to contact us!

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