One set PCB recycling machine began to be installed in India

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On November 27, 2019, one set PCB recycling machine purchased by an Indian customer began to be installed in India. As the customer did not know the details of the machine, our engineers went to India to be responsible for installation and training. The entire installation process took about five days.

PCB recycling machine in IndiaIndia customer in DOING factory

Indian customers came to DOING to inspect PCB recycling machine in July. He saw our equipment in DOING factory and was very satisfied with the high separation rate of the PCB recycling machine. They signed a contract with us before returning to India. [Related reading: India customer ordered one set DOING PCB recycling machine]. The PCB recycling machine was shipped from Qingdao Port to India in October and arrived at the customer's factory in about thirty days.[This article maybe you are interested: One set circuit board recycling machine will be shipped to India]

PCB recycling machine in IndiaPCB recycling machine is being installed in India

Indian customer's PCB recycling machine is about to be put into production, expect customers to make profits as soon as possible.

PCB recycling machine in IndiaPCB recycling machine is being installed in India


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