One set 200-300kg/h copper wire granulator machine was successfully commissioning in India

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On July 13, 2019, one set 200-300kg / h copper wire granulator purchased by an Indian customer from DOING was successfully commissioned.

Indian customers ordered one set 200-300kg / h copper wire granulator machine from we doing company in June. In July, the equipment was shipped from Qingdao port to India and arrived in about 20 days. Due to the simple installation of our equipment, our engineers did not arrive in India to install it, but the entire online guidance. Today, the copper wire granulator of Indian customers has finally been installed and commissioned.

copper wire granulator machine Copper wire granulator machine successfully commissioned

Copper wire granulators is used to separate copper and plastic from waste cables. Copper wire granulator used by Indian customers primarily handle a variety of copper wires and cables, such as copper wire and telephone wires, and can be reused for copper and plastic.

For more information about copper wire granulator, we will continue to update, please continue to pay attention.

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