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India customer ordered one set DOING PCB recycling machine

On June 5, India customer ordered one set DOING PCB recycling machine.

The India customer learnt about our PCB board recycling machine from the web, he has 25 years of experience in the recycling business, he feels that PCB recycling is a good business. So the customer get in touch with our sales manager. The customer have a preliminary understanding of our equipment through videos and materials. On June 2, India customer visited we DOING factory.

PCB recycling machine India customer in DOING factory

Our manager accompanied the customer to DOING factory to visit the running PCB recycling test when the customer asked many questions. Like the what metals can be obtained by PCB recycling machine, the separation rate of PCB board recycling machine, Is PCB board recycling machine pollute the environment ?

Customers were surprised when our sales manager said that waste circuit boards could recycle gold, copper, aluminum and other rare metals. He said that he did not know that there were gold and other rare metals in the waste circuit board. After the test, the India customer was very satisfied with our PCB board recycling machine. On June 5 the customer signed a contract with us.

customer orderedDOING PCB recycling machine India customer signs signs the contract at DOING company

In addition to this, the customer is also very interested in our stripping type radiator separator machine and PCB dismantling machine, he told us he returning to India and discussing with the partners for further planning.

Thank you very much for customer’s trust and support from us. We will reward our customers with the best equipment and best service.

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