Russian small circuit board recycling machine completed commissioning at DOING factory before shipment

Date:2021-07-09 15:42:23/ Project case/ Chat Online/ Leave message

On March 24, 2020, one set 200-300 kg/h small circuit board recycling machine ordered by Russian customer completed commissioning at DOING factory before shipment. The following pictures of 200-300 kg/h circuit board recycling machine.

PCB board recycling machineCircuit board recycling machine on DOING factory

Since the Russian customer came to DOING factory to inspect the test machine and was very satisfied with our circuit board recycling machine, customer did not come to China to test the machine this time, but contacted our manager through online video and checked the operation video of circuit board recycling machine. The test run of circuit board recyling machine is very smooth and we will arrange delivery.

circuit board recycling machineDOING circuit board recycling machine

Videos on the installation and operation of circuit board recycling machine will continue to be updated.

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