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Copper Aluminum Radiator Separator for Sale

Copper aluminum radiator separator here is a simple design but high efficient equipment for recycling waste radiators by stripping the aluminum foil from copper tubes, and then get double recycling of both aluminum and copper. This copper aluminum radiator recycling machine is a single-unit design with small land occupy size, easy to operate, but could make 100% recovery rate of aluminum and copper from waste radiators, low investment high benefit.

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What's the Working Process of Copper Aluminum Radiator Separator?

Working Process of Copper Aluminum Radiator Separator

From this video, you could check how waste radiators were cut by radiator cutting machine and recycled by radiator recycling machine to get aluminum and copper. You'll find out it's a very easy business to start with.

How is the Actual Operation of Copper Aluminum Radiator Separator?

Actual Operation of Copper Aluminum Radiator Separator?

Copper aluminum radiator separator is applicable to process both single and double layers radiators with different spaces between copper tubes of 19mm, 21mm and 25mm. In order to achieve good separation, it requires the waste radiators are undamaged and deformed.

What Benefit You Can Get?

Economic benefit analysis of copper aluminum radiator separator

  • Raw materials: waste air-conditioning radiator, generally copper content 50-55%, aluminum content 40-45%
  • Processing capacity: 500Kg / h, 8 hours a day
  • Power consumption: 61kw / H
  • Worker: 2 workers
  • Global raw materials prices are roughly the same, taking the Chinese market as an example to make a profit analysis.
Running cost / Day
Item Input Quantity Price($) Input cost($) Total cost($)
1 Waste air conditioner radiators 500kg/h*8h=4T 3285.71/T 13142.86 13252
2 Power consumption 4Kw/H*8H=32KwH 0.14/KwH 4.57
3 Workers 2 workers 21.42/Day 42.86
Income / Day
Item Output Quantity Price($) Income($) Total income($)
1 Copper 4T*55%=2.2T 5857.14/T 12885.71 15585.71
2 Aluminum 4T*45%=1.8T 1500/T 2700
Daily profit = daily income - daily cost=15585.71-13252=2333.71($)

What are the Advantages of Copper Aluminum Radiator Separator?

copper and aluminum radiator recycling copper and aluminum radiator recycling copper and aluminum radiator recycling

Main advantages of copper aluminum radiator separator

1. This copper aluminum radiator separator could separate whole copper tubes from aluminum coating of waste radiators, also keep aluminum in block pieces, easy to collect and sell.

2. This radiator recycling machine is applicable to both single and double layers waste radiators with different space sizes between the copper tubes.

3. Easy to operate with safety control, once the worker or any part of the body reach to the setting position or distance to the feeding inlet, the radiator recycling machine would stop working automatically.





What's the Copper Aluminum Radiator Separator Specification?

Item Equipment Name Model Capacity Power Overall Size (mm)
1 Radiator Cutting Machine DY-345B 500kg/h 3kw 1200*750*2100
2 Stripping Type
Radiator Separator
DY-850 300-400kg/h 7kw 1680*1100*1080
DY-1200 500-600kg/h 7kw 2230*1100*1100
For recycling: Scrap copper aluminum air conditioner radiators and car tanks

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