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Car radiator separators price

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Car radiator separators is the device for recycling the car radiators to copper, aluminum, and remove iron from the separation process. Car radiator separators price is mainly decided by the input radiator shape and the processing capacity.

Car radiator is the waste components from waste cars, which is mainly made of copper tubes and aluminum foil. The copper content is higher than 97%. To separate the aluminum foil from the copper and make both copper and aluminum recycled is the main purpose of the car radiator separators. To confirm the car radiators separators price, you have to check two points.

Point 1: If the input car radiators are still in good shape or not.

If all the car radiators are still in good shape without damage or broken, then they could be directly treated by the simple design stripping type car radiator separators, which could directly strip the aluminum foil from the inner copper tubes without any other pretreatment. Please check the input and output as below:

radiator separatorCar radiators separated

If most of the car radiator are already damaged and deformed, then the simple design stripping type car radiator separators are not available any more. It would require the integrated type car radiator separators which separate the copper and aluminum through crushing and air gravity separation process, based on the principle of the different gravity between copper and aluminum. And in order for better separation function, before the gravity separation, it’s required to crush the car radiators into small pieces in advance. And during the separation process, if there is any iron mixed with the scrap car radiators, it has the magnetic separator to take the iron out, thus to keep the highest purity of copper and aluminum. Below please check the process:

car radiator separatorsDamaged and deformed radiator recycled

In conclusion, the car radiator separators price is related to your car radiators shape and the required machine.

Point 2: What capacity of the car radiator separators also decide the car radiator separators price.

The required car radiator separators and price could be recommended according to your raw materials with some pictures to show from you.

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