What is the price of car radiator separators? What are the factors that affect the price of car radiator separators?

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Car radiator recycling business is more and more popular, and more and more people want to engage this business. In order to start this business, the raw materials collection, final products' sales market, factory's location, etc.into account. Of course, the price of machine is also an important factors.

However, in the market, there are many different car radiator separator, their price varies. Because the price will be influenced by many factors, like the raw material, the capacity of the machine, the different configurations of the machine, the separating rate of the machine and the machine quality, which are all contributing to the difference in the price of car radiator separator.

Raw materials

different waste radiatorsDifferent raw materials

As for different waste car radiators, the machine used is different. For example, as for the radiators which are directly dismantled out and without shape changed, these could be processed with small radiator separator machine directly, and strip the copper tube and aluminum out. But for the deformed radiators, will need crushing and separation type radiator recycling machine to process. The machine used is different, the price are different too.

Machine capacity and configuration

Capacity(Kg/h) Overall Dimension Power(Kw) Weight(Kg) Recovery Rate
500kg/h 16000*6500*4500mm 103Kw 7500kg   ≥99%
1000kg/h 20000*8000*4500mm 165Kw 12000Kg
2000kg/h 26000*20000*5000mm 305Kw 20000kg

The machine capacity is different according to the quantity of car radiators the customers want to process per hour or per day. According to the different capacities, the configuration of car radiator separator machine may be different, so the car radiator separators prices are accordingly different here.

Machine supplier

Doing factoryDoing factory

If a supplier is directly manufacture supplier, then the cost will be low; but if a middleman, the price will add the freight, purchase cost, and so on, the price will also be a little expensive.

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