How can we recycle gold from scrap PCB boards?

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Scrap PCB boards are called "e-waste nobles" because of its rich metal resources, according to statistics, 40% of the metals in PCB boards can be recycled and reused, including gold, silver, copper, aluminum and other high-value metals. To this end, many recyclers want to find an efficient separation method to recycle gold from scrap PCB boards.

At present, there are three main methods for recycling gold from scrap PCB boards: chemical treatment, heat treatment and PCB board recycling machine.

Chemical Treatment Method

chemical treatmentChemical treatment method

The chemical treatment method mainly uses some chemical reagents, such as dilute sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide, etc. First, put the scrap PCB boards into an acid-resistant container; Then, add a certain amount of water, hydrogen peroxide and dilute sulfuric acid to soak, and then perform solid-liquid separation after the reaction is completed; Finally, gold is electrolyzed. The recycle method is simple to operate, but consumes a large amount of chemical reagents, and also easily causes secondary pollution.

Heat Treatment Method

heat treatmentHeat treatment

The heat treatment method means that the broken scrap PCB boards are put into an incinerator for incineration, and the incinerated residue is sent to a metal smelter for smelting to obtain gold. The recovery method has a low metal separation rate, and also generates harmful gases during the incineration process.

PCB Board Recycling Machine

PCB board recycling machinePCB board recycling machine

The PCB board recycling machine mainly separates mixed metal and resin powder through a series of processes such as dismantling, shredding&crushing, eddy-vibrating screen, air separation and electrostatic separation. And then the separated mixed metals are further purified to obtain gold. The whole process adopts dry physical separation technology, which is safe and environmental friendly, and the separated gold is of good quality and high purity.

In comparison, although chemical treatment and heat treatment can recycle gold from scrap PCB boards, these two recycling methods will cause harm to the environment, and the purity of the recycled gold is not high; On the contrary, Doing's PCB board recycling machine has a metal recycle rate of more than 99%, safety and environmental protection, and a high automation degree.

The PCB board recycling machine manufactured by Henan Doing has been sold in more than 30 countries and regions, helping many users to realize the comprehensive recycle of scrap PCB boards and metal resources. If you also want to use PCB board recycling machine to separate mixed metals for further gold extraction, please contact us.

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