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Lithium battery recycling plant

For many decades and until recently, batteries were regarded as hazardous waste. They can actually serve as valuable sources of raw materials. Cobalt, lithium, copper and plastics in waste lithium batteries are valuable resources and have high recycling value. Lithium battery recycling plant can process waste lithium batteries to get cobalt, lithium, copper and plastics.

lithium battery recycling plant Waste lithuim batteries

The process of lithium battery recycling is very simple. The waste battery enters the shredder for shredding. The shredded battery enters the shredder for shredding. The positive and negative plates and separator paper inside the battery are broken up. The broken material enters the collector through the induced draft fan, and then is dedusted by pulse. The dust collected in the crusher is collected and purified. The material entering the collector enters the airflow sorting screen through the air lock, and the separator paper in the positive and negative plates is collected by the airflow and vibration. At the same time, the airflow sorting machine collected dust. Then the mixture adopts the combined process of hammer vibration crushing, vibration screening and air flow separation to separate and recover the materials of the positive and negative electrodes of the waste lithium battery.

lithium battery recycling plant Lithium battery recycling plant

The lithium battery recycling plant separates the aluminum foil, copper foil and positive and negative electrode materials in the scrapped positive and negative electrode sheets for the purpose of recycling. The entire production line operates under negative pressure, no dust overflows during the production process, the production environment is more clean and environmentally friendly, and the dust emission concentration reaches the environmental protection requirements.

lithium battery recycling plant The separated products from waste lithium batteries

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