Lithium battery recycling plant

For many decades and until recently, batteries were regarded as hazardous waste. However, waste lithium batteries also content many valuable resources, which have high recycling value. Based on the structural characteristics of lithium batteries, Henan Doing has designed lithium battery recycling machine to realize separation and recovery of waste lithium batteries in an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and efficient way.

Raw materials:

lithium battery recycling plantWaste lithium batteries

Henan Doing's lithium battery recycling plant can process many kinds of waste lithium batteries, like soft package battery, cellphone battery, shell batter cylindrical battery, etc.

Final products:

lithium battery recycling plantFinal products

By using Henan Doing's lithium battery recycling plant, you can get pure copper, aluminum, graphite powder and lithium cobalt oxide with the separation rate of 98%.

Working process:

lithium battery recycling plantWorking process

The working process of lithium battery recycling plant is very simple, which includes discharging, shredding, carbonization, first crushing, first rotary sieving, magnetic separation, liner vibrating sieving, secondary crushing, secondary rotary sieving, grinding, eddy-vibrating sieving, air separation and dust collecting.

Technical parameter:

ModelCapacity(kg/h)PowerOverall DimensionRecovery Rate
Note: The above is the standard model and can be customized according to the customer site situation or special conditions.

Main features:

1. Henan Doing's lithium battery recycling plant adopts advanced technology of crushing and separation system. After crushed separately, then copper aluminum and powder of positive and negative plate will be separated in the separation system with high purity output.

2. The main technology is to combine the crushing and separation system for battery recycling, achieve greater energy saving effects during the production process, and get a high separation rate of copper aluminum and powder of positive and negative plate.

lithium battery recycling plantLithium battery recycling plant

DOING company as a lithium battery recycling plant manufacturer, we will provide the best service and good quality machine. If you are interested in lithium battery recycling plant, welcome to contact us feel free.

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