Air conditioner radiator recycling machine

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Air conditioner radiator recycling machine is mainly used in various air conditioner water tank after dismantling the formation of copper and aluminum radiator. These waste copper and aluminum radiator mainly consists of copper tubes and aluminum foil, some of which contain a small amount of waste iron.

The renewal of indoor air conditioner has produced a large number of waste copper and aluminum radiators, and because of the content of non-ferrous metals in the copper and aluminum radiator is much and with high use value, so that professional air conditioner radiator recycling more customers. With the rapid development of the economy, the labor cost has increased greatly, so that the past recovery and regeneration of air conditioner radiator treatment is no longer applicable, replaced by advanced air conditioner radiator recycling machine, its high separation rate is favored by customers.

radiator recycling machineAir conditioner radiator

DOING company's air conditioner radiator recycling machine is for these abandoned copper and aluminum radiator research and manufacturing.

Air conditioner radiator recycling machine adopts mechanical crushing processing, can be batch processing copper and aluminum radiator, copper and aluminum radiator after shearing, crushing into the mixture powder of copper, aluminum and iron, iron can be separated by magnetic separation machine. The rest of the mixture of copper and aluminum can be separated by using the principle of copper aluminum gravity separation of copper and aluminum fully open.

Air conditioner radiator recyclingAir conditioner radiator recycling process

Air conditioner radiator recycling machine has some advantages:

1. Easy to operate

The operation of the machine is simple and easy to master.

2. High efficiency

The efficiency of raw material processing by air conditioner radiator recycling machine is much higher than that of manual processing.

3. Save labor

Air conditioner radiator disposal no longer requires a lot of manual labor, a machine can be operated by a person.

4.The environmental protection

The air conditioner radiator recycling machine adopts the physical way to deal with the air conditioner radiator, will not cause pollution to the environment.

5. Wide application

Air conditioner radiator recycling machine can not only deal with air conditioner radiator, but also can deal with the old radiator, scrapped water tank, car parts of the internal copper and aluminum, etc.

air conditioner radiator recycling machineAir conditioner radiator recycling machine

According to incomplete statistics, at present, nearly two-thirds of the dismantling plant has been converted to the air conditioner radiator recycling machine. The industry is widely expected, in the future, will be more and more manual dismantling of copper and aluminum radiator dismantling plant has been eliminated.


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