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Can radiators be recycled? How to recycle?

Both the scrap processing of automobiles and the replacement of air conditioners will inevitably produce a large amount radiators. Since radiators contain valuable non-ferrous metals, people can recycle these radiators to obtain the iron, copper and aluminum products. This not only helps to realize resource reuse, but also brings considerable benefits to people.

radiator recycling machineWaste radiators and copper& aluminum

People can recycle radiators in two ways, one is manual recycling way, and the other is mechanical recycling way. However, constrained by the limitations of manual recycling way, such as low efficiency, small processing capacity, etc., more and more people adopts mechanical recycling way, that is adopting radiator recycling machine for radiator recycling.

And according to different types and processing capacity of radiators raw materials, we can use different radiator recycling machines to recycle them. One is stripping type radiator recycling machine, the other is crushing type radiator recycling machine.

stripping type radiator recycling machineStripping type radiator recycling machine

Stripping type radiator recycling machine is a simple integrated design, can directly strip the aluminum foil and copper tube of the waste radiators. It’s suitable for processing smooth and no deformation radiator with small processing capacity. Stripping type radiator recycling machine has the advantages of simple operation, small footprint, less power consumption, small investment cost.

crushing type radiator recycling machineCrushing type radiator recycling machine

Crushing type radiator recycling machine can handle any forms of copper-aluminum radiators, car copper-aluminum water tanks, etc. It can recycle radiators and obtain the iron, copper and aluminum through the following four steps: shredding, crushing, negative-pressure baffling separation, magnetic separation and air separation. Crushing type radiator recycling machine has the advantages of pollution-free, high automation degree, large processing capacity, high processing efficiency.

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