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Recycling waste without pollution

Our machine adopts dry type air and electrostatic separation technology, which improved the traditional fire burning and water washing ways, thus no water, no smoke and no dust pollution.

99.9% high separation and recovery rate

Except air gravity separation method, we also have the electrostatic separation technology which can make high separation and recovery rate of the waste.

Easy to operate with high automation

Our machine is highly automatic, which only needs 1-2 workers to operate.

Low operation cost high benefit

The copper and aluminum metals recycling from the dry type machine can be sold at 100-200 dollars higher than the metals get from traditional water washing and fire burning ways.

Durable in use

The crushers of our machines all use the hard and antiwear cutters, which are very durable and long-lasting, thus to have a long usage life.

Small land occupation

Our machine has very compact structure which requires small land size. And it's easy for disassembly and installation with convenient maintenance.

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copper wire recycling machinery

Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd is committed to developing and manufacturing waste recycling machine ,such as scrap cable wire recycling machine. PCB (Printed Circuit Board ) recycling machine. Aluminum and plastic composition recycling machine. Home electric appliance recycling machine, etc.

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