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Copper Aluminum Radiator Recycling Machine

Copper aluminum radiator recycling machine is a whole line includes shredding, air separation and magnetic separation process to separate copper, aluminum and iron. This copper aluminum radiator recycling machine is specially designed for processing the scrap radiators which are broken and deformed, which are not available to be processed by the stripping type radiator separator machine.

radiator separation recycling machine Copper aluminum radiator recycling machine

Scope of Application:

The copper aluminum radiator recycling machine is applicable to process all kinds of waste radiators include big blocks scrap radiators, any broken and deformed radiators and electronic rotors less than 16cm.

radiator separation recycling machineWaste radiators recycling process


General Model Capacity Power Dimension Weight Separation Rate
DY-800 800-1000kg/h 95kw 14.8*3.8*4.2mm 8500kg >99%
DY-1000 1200-1500kg/h 135kw 16.8*3.8*4.5mm 10500kg

Main Features:

1. The whole separation line adopts PLC control, fully automatic, easy to operate.

2. Simple structure, reasonable layout, strong processing capacity, stable operation, firm and durable, safe and reliable.

3. The primary shredding adopts large torque double-shaft shredder, both the blades and shaft are alloy material with special treatment.

4. The system is equipped with negative pressure pulse dust collector which could keep the clean working environment.


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