One set 200-300kg/h PCB recycling machine was debugging at DOING factory

Date:2020-04-09 18:39:00/ Project case/ Chat Online/ Leave message

On April 1, 2020, one set PCB recycling machine ordered by Beijing customer was completed debugging at DOING factory. The entire debugging process was very smooth. The following is the debugging video of PCB recycling machine.

From the above video, we can see that the waste circuit board was put into the feed port, and the mixed metal and resin fibers were discharged from different outlets. The separation rate of metal and non-metal can reach 99.9%, and the recovered mixed metal can be sold directly or further purified.

PCB recycling machine PCB recycling machine at DOING factory

The processing capacity of this PCB recycling machine is 200-300 kg/h. The entire production process only needs one person to operate, which saves labor costs to a certain extent. Small type PCB recycling machine is a good choice for PCB recycling business.


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