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Other Single Equipments


Shredder is for coarse crushing of the material, mainly used for processing the crude raw material or leftover materials, to get small size material. It’s apply to shredding all kinds of plastics, rubbers, tires, fibers, papers, woods, metal buckets, scrap electric appliance, cable wires, industry leftovers, household garbage, etc. The shredder has 2 types, single shaft shredder and double shaft shredder. The single shaft shredder is applicable for the materials which is easy to be tangled together, and the materials contain little metals. The double shaft shredder is used for crushing big scale hollow materials, like plastic drums, and all kinds of mixed waste materials, especially for the scrap materials which contain metals or sands, which are easy to damage the cutters.

single shaft shredderSingle shaft shredder

double shaft shredderDouble shaft shredder


Crusher is apply to crushing all kinds of waste plastics, aluminum plastic composite materials, scrap cable wire and circuit boards. The material inlet size, the feeding methods and the cutter are different depends on the different raw materials. The Knife crusher is powered by single phase motor with precise structure, small size, light weight, high efficiency, no dust, easy operation, low power consumption features. The crusher mainly has knife crusher and hammer crusher.

knife crusherKnife crusher

hammer crusherHammer crusher

Grinding mill

Grinding mill is mainly for the further grinding of the raw material after crushing process, to get the powdery material less than 2mm. The grinding mill has rotating crushing knife, has both grinding and hammering function, which can make the raw material loose and separate the metal and non-metal materials.

grinding millHammer grinding mill

grinding millTurbo mill

Rotary vibrating screen

Rotary vibrating screen is a kind of high precision fine powder sieving device, which apply to all the granular, powdery and mucilage materials. It has low noise, small size, light weight, high efficiency and fully sealing system, will not cause any dust pollution problems. It can get 500mesh screening and 2500mesh filtering without any blocking.

vibrating screenRotary vibrating screen

Screw conveyor

Screw conveyor is mainly used for horizontal or slop conveying, apply to conveying the powdery, granular, and small piece materials, but not applicable to the easy-deteriorating, big viscosity and easy-craking materials.

screw elevatorScrew conveyor

Bucket elevator

Bucket elevator is used for conveying the materials from low to high, with big capacity, high hoisting height, stable operation and long usage life. The conveying capacity can be adjusted by changing the conveying speed, and the hoisting height also can be adjusted according to use. The bucket elevator is apply to convey powdery, granular and small piece materials. The motor power is 1.5Kw, with the hoisting height of 4m.

elevatorBucket elevator

Belt conveyor

Belt conveyor is a very common and necessary device widely used in many industries. It has high conveying ability and long conveying distance with easy maintenance structure and operation system. It can be used for both continuous and intermittent conveying of the powdery, granular materials less than 100kg with high speed, stable system, low noise. Mainly used for horizontal or slope conveying.

belt conveyor Belt conveyor


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