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How to recycle the car radiator for cash?

Car radiator consists of various of metals, to recycle the car radiator can get copper, aluminum and iron, which have value in the market and can be resold to get a lot of cash .

But how many car radiator around us ? Probably a lot ! With the popularity and replacement of cars in daily life, the number of cars scrapped every year is also tens of millions of tons. Vehicle garbage recycling resources are very rich, and the dismantled car radiator contains precious metals, and even the copper recycling rate is close to 100%. With so many waste car radiators, we need to take proper steps to recycle the car radiator for cash rather than just throw then away !

radiator recycling machineWaste car radiators to recycle copper and aluminum

So how to recycle the car radiator for cash? The best way is remove and recycle it. For different types car radiator have different recycling machine. Since the copper tube is covered by aluminum foil, to recycle the car radiator unbroken and deformed, we can use stripping type radiator separator machine.

radiator recycling machineStripping type radiator separator machine

Stripping type radiator separator machine is applicable to process both single and double layers radiators with different spaces between copper tubes of 19mm, 21mm and 25mm. This stripping type radiator separator machine could separate whole copper tubes from aluminum coating of car radiator, also keep aluminum in block pieces, easy to collect and resold for cash.

But for broken and deformed car radiator and electronic rotors less than 16cm , we can use copper aluminum radiator recycling machine to recycle it. Copper and aluminum radiator recycling machine is a whole line include shredding, air separation and magnetic separation process to separate copper, aluminum and iron. The whole separation fully automated and easy to operate, only one person is required. what’ more, the separation rate of copper and aluminum radiator recycling machine could reach to 99.9%. The separated copper and aluminum can be directly sold on the market.

copper radiator recycling machineCopper and aluminum radiator recycling machine

So, don't worry about the recycling benefits to recycle the car radiator, we can certainly make a lot of cash. Welcome to contact us about the recycling proposal online or by email for further information.

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