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What to do with e waste in India?

There are about 2 million metric tons of e waste generated in India every year, and there are also lots of e waste from other countries. In daily life, almost all people know they can sell the e waste to e waste recyclers, but they never know how e waste is processed after recycling, and what can get after processing the e waste. Here, Doing Company, as the e waste recycling machine manufacturer, introduces it for you.

In fact, the most valuable part in recycling e waste is PCB board, which contains Cu, Al, Au, Pb, Sn, and other rare metals, and resin fiber. So Doing Company designs PCB board recycling machine to separate metals and resin fiber without pollution.

PCB board recycling machinePCB board recycling machine

The PCB board recycling machine can process various waste circuit boards, like computer boards, TV boards and so on. And its process is very simple, including shredding, crushing, sieving, air separation and electrostatic separation.

After processing, the metals and resin fiber will be separated, and its separation rate can be reach to 99%. The metals can be sold to metal recycling market and the resin fiber can also be sold for money. They can be used in different area.

PCB board recycling machinePCB board recycling machine

Why does Doing Company recommend you to use PCB board recycling machine to process e waste?

1. Environmental protection

PCB board recycling machine adopts dry type physical separation to process e waste, which doesn't use fire, water or chemical substance. So it won' t not only pollute the environment, but also protect the quality of metals, which can bring economic benefit to us.

2. High separation rate

PCB board recycling machineAdvantages of PCB board recycling machine

PCB board recycling machine is equipped with an electrostatic separator. It can separate metals and resin fiber according to the different conductivity. The separate rate can reach to 99%.

3. Low cost

PCB board recycling machine adopts an integrated design, which occupies a small area and saves land costs. Besides, it is very easy to operate, which only needs 1-2 workers, so that it can also save labor cost.

Due to these advantages, PCB board recycling machine has become the most popular way to do with e waste in India. If you also have plan to recycle e waste to further process, welcome to contact Henan Doing Environmental Technology Co., Ltd for quotation of PCB board recycling machine.

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