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Why so many people choose to start cable recycling business in India?

More and more people start cable recycling business in the world, especially in India. But why so many people choose to start cable recycling business in India? So what is so attractive about India? After reading this article, you will find the reason.

1, Raw materials are easy to get and cheap.

copper wire recycling machineAdequate and cheap raw materials

In the one hand, China has prevent developed countries from exporting e waste into China, therefore, many e waste has flown into southeast countries, especially India. In the other hand, in recent years, electronic industry is hot in India, so there are many e-waste like waste cables produced in daily life or in industry areas, so this kind of raw materials is easy to collect in India. It’s the basis to start cable recycling business.

2, High profit of product-copper.

copper wire recycling machineTrending of copper price

For the cable recycling business, the final product is copper. In normal, the higher purity of copper, the higher the price. Copper wire recycling machine adopts physical separating, which not use any chemical reagent, burning, so that it will not damage the quality of copper. What will we get is 1# copper which is over 97% purity. So we can get high profit from cable recycling business in India.

3, Low invest, quick payback.

copper wire recyclin machine

Firstly, the price of small copper wire recycling machine is about 10000 USD, which is affordable to those people who are newer to start cable recycling business, not a sky-high price. Besides, you can get payback quickly from cable recycling business. Take 500kg/h copper cable wire recycling machine for example. Its power consumption is 75KW/H. The selling price for copper is around $10000/T and $300/T for plastic. If work 8 hours per day, The Doing’s copper cable wire recycling machine can recycle 4 tons waste car wires. We can get 2.2T copper and 1.8T plastic. After calculating, the profit per day is $2413.14. So only several days, you can get payback.(Related reading: Is copper wire recycling machine profitable?)

Waste recycling business is really popular all over the world now. So if you are considering to start a new business, or you already have the waste cables and plan to go into this cable recycling business, welcome to contact us DOING company for more professionally suggestions!

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