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Mixed Plastics Separation Machine

Mixed plastics separation machine is a kind of separation equipment by using the principle of air suspension to separate the mixed plastics.

mixed plastics separation machineMixed plastics separation machine

 Application Scope of Mixed Plastics Separation Machine:

The mixed plastics separation machine is applicable to process all kinds of plastics mixture generated from the crushed electric appliance, cars and electronic toys after removed the metals, such as PET/PVC mixture, ABS/PVC mixture, ABS/PS/sinking PP m

mixture, PC/PA mixture, ABS/PA mixture, ABS/PC mixture, etc.

mixed plastics separation machinePlastics mixture separation

Main Features of Mixed Plastics Separation Machine :

1. The mixed plastics separation machine is a complete production line with PLC control system, which makes the whole operation is fully automatic;

2. The conveying and lifting parts in between, are well connected to the separation equipment, which could achieve the purpose of automatic loading and unloading. Easy operate, save labor;

3. The separation rate of the mixed plastics separation machine could reach higher than 99%;

4. The separation process adopts physical separation, which is environmental protection and without generating secondary waste.

Specification of Mixed Plastics Separation Machine :

General Model Roller Diameter Rolling Speed  High electrostatic voltage Power Dimension Weight
DY-1200 Ф325mm 0-200 r/min 0-120000v 2.5kw 2100*2250*3260mm 2650kg
DY-1500 3.2kw 2450*2250*3680mm 2860kg
DY-1800 4.5kw 2850*2250*4250mm 2950kg

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