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Why do people recycle aluminum plastic composite?

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Recycle aluminum plastic composite could get both aluminum and plastic recycled for high economic benefit, as well as the environmental benefit.

Firstly, aluminum plastic composites are rich in plastics, metals (aluminum), fibers and many other materials that are valuable for recycling and it's easy to find enough aluminum plastic composites to recycle. Aluminum-plastic composite materials are widely used in life due to their economic benefit, diversity of color choices, convenient construction methods, excellent processing properties, excellent fire resistance and noble quality. You can easily find them from the exterior walls of the building, curtain wall panels, renovation of old buildings, interior wall and ceiling decoration, advertising signs, display stands, and dust-proofing.

aluminum plastic compositeAluminum plastic composite

Moreover, the products have high value in the market, so bring you immeasurable economic benefits. After recycled by the aluminum plastic separation machine, aluminum plastic composites can be separated into aluminum and plastic. The density of aluminum is very small, only 2.7 g/cm3, which can be made into various aluminum alloys and it is also used in silver powder factory, fireworks factory, aluminum factory (alloyed aluminum lake) and other raw materials. The plastic is light in weight, has excellent chemical stability, and has excellent electrical insulation properties. It is a poor conductor of heat and has the functions of noise reduction and shock absorption. So plastic products can be seen everywhere in life.

Above all, to recycle aluminum plastic composite meets the strategy of sustainable development of both environment and economic.

aluminum plastic composite recyclingAluminum plastic composite recycling to aluminum and plastic

Recycling of aluminum foil can smelt aluminum ingots, and it is also used in silver powder factories, fireworks factories, aluminum plants (alloyed aluminum lakes) and other raw materials. Instead, Discarding aluminum-plastic panels can cause huge pollution to the environment. The heavy metals inside enter the soil and water, which can even pose a threat to human health. The aluminum plastic separation machine has a complete set of environmental protection systems, to ensure that the environment is not polluted.

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