How to recycle aluminum plastic composite panels?

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We can see aluminum plastic composite panels everywhere in our common life. Because aluminum is 100 percent recyclable, and the price of aluminum is considerable, we should try our best to recycle aluminum plastic composite panels, not throw them away directly. But how to recycle aluminum plastic composite panels? I will answer your question in this article.

aluminum plastic separation recycling machineHow to separate aluminum from aluminum plastic composite panels

DOING company has special machine to process aluminum plastic composite panels, called aluminum plastic separation recycling machine. It has many advantages, like low cost, high working efficiency and high separation rate. It can recycle aluminum with the purity of 99% within simple 5 steps.

The process of aluminum plastic separation recycling machine working as follows:

1, Crushing

Crusher will cut the aluminum plastic composite panels into small pieces, because the composite panels are too big to process.

2, Grinding

Due to the good adhesion between plastic and aluminum, it is still difficult to deal with these composite panels pieces. So, it is necessary to grind the small pieces into powder with a grinder to make them easy to separate.

aluminum plastic separation recycling machineProcess of aluminum plastic separation recycling machine

3, Circulation water cooling

However, it should be noted that the heat generated by the grinder will burn some pieces, thereby reducing the separation rate. Therefore, the circulating water cooling system should be used to reduce the temperature during the grinding process.

4, Sieving

The eddy-vibrating screen will sent those pieces without grinding back to the grinding mill to continue grinding. Those completely grind powder will go to the next step.

5, Electrostatic separation

According to the different conductivities between aluminum and plastic, the electrostatic separator can easily separate aluminum and plastic from aluminum plastic composite materials.

aluminum plastic separation recycling machineAluminum plastic separation recycling machine

Based on the above introduction, you may have a brief understanding about how to recycle aluminum plastic composite panels. If you have interest in aluminum plastic separation recycling machine, please contact us.

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