How to extract aluminum from scrap aluminum composite panels?

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Aluminum composite panel, which is also called ACP, is one of the daily waste produced per day. As we know, ACP is made of aluminum and plastic. With the industrial reactivation, there is a great demand of aluminum in the market. Recycling aluminum and plastic from aluminum composite panels can not only protect the environment, but also obtain certain economic benefits, why not? Well, question is coming: How to get aluminum from these scrap aluminum composite panels?

aluminum plastic separation recycling plantWaste aluminum composite panels

Obtaining aluminum from aluminum composite panels by fire burning seems to be the most common and straightforward way. Just through burning, the plastic will be melt, then the aluminum will be left. However, there must have been some melted plastic stuck to the aluminum, which decreases the separation rate, as well the quality of aluminum. The result of using chemical solutions to separate aluminum is the same: Both separation rate and quality will not be pretty high.

Aluminum plastic separation recycling plantAluminum plastic separation recycling plant

Except the above the two ways, have you heard the aluminum plastic separation recycling plant? The machine is specially designed for separating aluminum and plastic from aluminum composite materials, which adopts dry type physical separation method. The following is a brief introduction of its working process.

(1) Crushing part

Firstly, the ACP will through belt conveyor enter the crusher, then the ACP material will be crushed into small pieces.

(2) Grinding part

After crushing, the small pieces material will go into a grinding mill for grinding into powder, whose size is thin than 20~24mesh, in this mesh, aluminum and plastic can be separated easily and clearly.

(3) Separating part

Last, these thin powder will be sent into an electrostatic separator, which can separate aluminum and plastic by their different charge, and reach to the high separation rate of 99%.

Aluminum plastic separation recycling plant can separate aluminum from aluminum composite panels with high separation rate, besides, the dry type separation method won't damage the quality of aluminum. The separated aluminum has high purity and good quality, which can bring high profit to us.

Hoping the passage can help you have a better understanding about how to extract aluminum from scrap aluminum composite panels. Henan Doing does metals and plastic recycling machine for ten years, and its products has exported for more than 80 countries. If you’re interested in aluminum plastic separation recycling plant, feel free to contact us.

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