How is copper recycled step by step ?

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recycling copper wire
Cabel waste recycling machine


Recycling is a very good method to help the environment and save energy. Almost anything can be recycled including metal. According to Environmental Protection Agency, metal accounts for 34.6 percent of all solid waste recycled, just second to Paper. As we all know, copper , as the most common metal, is in urgent needs all over the world. For recent years, copper recycling industry has enjoyed more popularity as the increasing concept of environmental protection. The process for recycling copper involves several key steps, and understanding the process may encourage people to maximize their recycling efforts.

How is copper recycled step by step ?

Automatic copper wire stripping machine is a kind of electric waste recycling machine for recycling scrap and waste cables and wires to clean metals and plastics for recycle use.


The copper parts can be sorted according to many ways such as the processing methods. According to world market analysis, the main machines for recycling copper in physical way are Automatic copper wire stripping machin and copper granulator. These two machines have their own unique features and advantages. You can sort the copper items according to the type of wire or cable. If the copper items are single wire with less knots, you can just choose the wire stripping machine. If the copper items are complicated copper cables with winding knots and multiple stands, then they can be processed by the copper granulator.

Shredding & Melting
If the copper items processed by copper granulator, the pure copper can be collected and packed to be further processed. While copper items stripped by the automatic copper wire stripping machine needs to be shredded before packing. Because the entire copper wire is not so convenient to be transported to the melting device. When the copper reach the smelting facilities, the bales are fed into a furnace where they are heated until they become molten copper. The molten metal is then poured into casters or molds to form items needed.

Cooling& Fabrication
Once the metal ingots have cooled and hardened, they are put into a machine that rolls them into smooth sheets, which form the basis for new metal materials.

The recycled copper is without losing the elements and characteristics and so they can be reused as good as the original copper. The malleability of copper attributes and the strength remain the same and you can get the same objects made from the recycled copper to bring in prosperity in the country. The copper recycling is the best way to bring a better world and you can still think of saving the copper that are good for reuse.

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