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Are blister packs recyclable ?

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Nowadays, in our life around, home can be seen a lot of has used up the blister packs, so how are they generally handled ? in our daily life, we can see a lot of used up blisters packs. There is a large amount of aluminum and plastic in it. So blister packs can be recycled, and it’s going to generate pretty good economic returns.

Directly landfill or open burning methods seriously pollute the environment and waste the value of the medical blister. Because there is a large amount of aluminum and plastic in it. So blister packs can be recycled, and it’s going to generate pretty good economic returns.

People usually dispose of blisters packs by direct landfill or open burning. However, these method will seriously pollute the environment and waste the value of blisters packs.

blister packs recyclingBlister packs

So how do we recycle blister packs? The traditional separation method is chemical separation. But it needs chemical raw materials and plenty of water, which will cause secondary pollution to the environment, and the cost of water pollution treatment is even higher. Moreover, it the method of chemical separation will affect the life and health of residents. Therefore, the method of recycling aluminum plastic from blister packs by chemical method is not allowed. or even may be shut down by the government.

But how to recycle the blister packs safely and efficiently? With our DOING company’s reach and exploration, a set of environmentally friendly aluminum and -plastic separation and recovery equipment has been developed. It uses physical methods throughout the process, which is completely pollution-free to the environment and has a high recovery rate. The most important thing is that it is simple to operate. Only need one or two workers to do operate it.

aluminum plastic separation machineAluminum plastic separation equipment

The aluminum-plastic separation equipment adopts completely dry separation. Firstly, it separates blister packs into small parts pieces through crushing. After grinding, rotating screen and electrostatic separation, aluminum and plastic are separated, so that and the reuse rate of aluminum can reach more than 99%. And the whole use of dust removal technology to keep clean and pollution-free. The aluminum-plastic separation equipment is equipped with dust removal device, which can keep the working environment clean and pollution-free. Aluminum can even be sold directly by using the recycling equipment, which has good economic and social benefits. The aluminum recovered by aluminum-plastic separation equipment can be sold directly and has good economic benefits.


blister packs recyclableBlister packs recycling to aluminum plastic

According to statistics, there are thousands of enterprises producing and using aluminum foil, among which pharmaceutical factories have will use tens of thousands of tons of aluminum plastic plates boards to package drugs every year. Therefore, there is a huge market potential to recycle blister packs with the product of aluminum-plastic separation equipment. It with advanced technology, broad market prospects, bring unlimited business opportunities.


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