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What kind of used cable wire can be recycled by cable granulator?

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Cable granulator is a new technology machine which is used to separate copper and plastic in the used cable wire for recycle use. Almost all of the common used cable wires could be recycled directly by the cable granulator.

cable granulatorCable granulator to separate copper and plastic

Just according to different sizes of the used cable wires, the configurations of the cable granulator is different. The single-strand used cable could be directly recycled by the cable granulator because of its size less than 30mm. The multi-strand used cable, with its size less than 80mm, also could be directly recycled by the cable granulator.

used cable wire recyclingSingle-strand and multi-strand used cable

But if you want to recycle the used cable wires which is mixed with some very thin wires, like headphone cable wire and car wires, ect, the size of which is less than 3mm, the condition is different. Directly recycling these used cable by cable granulator may lead to about 2% very thin copper left in plastic, thus the separation rate could not reach to 100%. To fully separate the copper and plastic, our electrostatic separator could help, which is a optional device for customers. With it the separation rate of the machine could reach to almost 100%. So if you have many thin cable wires in the raw material, usually the electrostatic separator is recommended.

cable wire recyclingHeadphone cable wire

Sometimes also there are customers who have big size of the cable wires needed to be processed, then if directly processed by the cable granulator, there will be much harm to the blades of the machine after long running. So it’s better to equip with a shredder to crush the used cable wires first, then put the material into the cable granulator for further process.

cable granulator Thick cable wires can be processed by cable granulator

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