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What is the cost of recycling printed circuit boards in India?

There are lots of electric waste need to be disposal in India as the search and study,especially the printed circuit boards which have high value -includes 30%-40% metals,such as gold,copper,aluminum,Au, Ag, Pt, Pd and other precious metals. The cost of recycling printed circuit boards in India related to two items:The cost of raw materials and the cost of purchasing equipment.

Raw materials are relatively easy to collect, used computers and mobile phone motherboards, and old home appliances circuit boards. You can also recycle it from a scrap recycling plant or a scrap trading company. Different suppliers have different recycling prices, with an average of $3,428 per ton.

PCB recycling machine PCB recycling machine

Recycling used boards requires a PCB recycling machine. The price of equipment in different configurations is also different. The price of equipment is affected by several factors such as configuration, processing volume and quality. If you want to know how to choose a circuit board recycling equipment, you can send us your request, we will provide reasonable advice according to your needs.

In addition to the cost of purchasing printed circuit boards and machines, it also involves power consumption and the wage costs of workers. The circuit board recycling equipment adopts fully automatic system control, which is simple and easy to operate. It can be operated by one or two workers, and the cost of workers is relatively small.

the cost of recycling printed circuit boards The benefit analysis of PCB recycling machine

We can do a simple profit analysis, for example, 500kg / h, the price of raw materials per ton of circuit board is 3428 US dollars, the price of separated metal and resin fiber is 5140 US dollars and 470 US dollars per ton, respectively, excluding workers' costs and electricity consumption. The net profit per day is $2050. This shows that the circuit board recycling business is a profitable good business.

If you are interested in the business and wanna learn about the cost of recycling printed circuit boards in India through above introduce,welcome contact us!

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