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Factors to affect PCB recycling machine price

As the PCB recycling business is more and more popular in people’s life, the PCB recycling machine price is getting more and more attention recently. However,there are many factors that affect PCB recycling machine price. such as the raw material type that customers need to process, the capacity of the machine, the different configurations,and the machine quality.

Firstly, it’s the raw material. As we know, there are different types of waste PCB in life. For example, as for the PCB with many electronic components on it, it’s recommended to be dismantled first before the PCB recycling machine process. But if your raw material is only waste mother boards or leftover materials of the PCB, then just putting into the PCB recycling machine to process is ok. So different processing lines will affect PCB recycling machine price.

PCB recycling machine priceFactors to affect PCB recycling machine price

Secondly it’s the machine capacity. The machine capacity is different according to the amount of raw material the customers want to process per hour or per day. Generally, the processing capacity of the PCB recycling machine is 100-1000kg/h, we can also customize larger capacity according to customer needs. And certainly the PCB recycling machine price is different accordingly.

Thirdly it’s the different configurations of the machine is one of the factors to affect PCB recycling machine price. Combined with the customer's raw material and needs to suggest the customers with the proper configuration which can best meet the customer’s requirements, so the price of different machine configurations equipped is not the same too.

 PCB recycling machine pricePCB recycling machine

In addition,the quality of the machine are also the factors that affect PCB recycling machine price. It is best for recyclers to choose a equipment manufacturer instead of buying equipment directly from a foreign trade company. Because the factory direct sales equipment is not only guaranteed quality, but the price will be lower than the average foreign trade company, which is a good choice for customers.

So, if you are interested in the PCB recycling machine and want to know the specific price of the PCB recycling machine, contact us at any time, our professional manager will provide a satisfactory answer according to your needs.


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