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Do you know copper recovery from PCB boards has large profit?

Copper is one of the most popular nonferrous metals which is widely used in various industries. In recent years, the price of copper is keep increasing. But the production of new copper is short supplied, so the demand of scrap copper became larger and larger. Now, in the market, the price of one ton scrap copper is around 7800USD. By this time, you may ask how many copper you can recycle from scrap PCB boards?

pcb board recyclingPercent of metals in PCB boards

Some researches and statistics shows that 1 ton computer circuit boards contains around 30% plastic, 30% inert oxide and 40% metals, and of the metals over 90% is copper. As for other types of PCB boards, their copper content is different. For example, there are only 15%-20% copper inside scrap PCB boards from home appliances. Therefore, the price of scrap PCB board is influenced by the metal contents. As far as we know that the cost of one ton scrap PCB boards is around $300/ton to $6000/ton. If you want to know how large profit the copper recovery from PCB boards has, let us calculate it together!

Let’s take a normal PCB board whose metal content is around 18% as the example. The selling price of this kind of PCB boards is around $920/ton. After separating them by Doing Brand’s PCB recycling machine, you can get around 170kg copper, which can be sold at 1326USD in the market. So the profit of recycling one ton this kind of PCB boards is over $400/ton. Whether you think it is with amazing profit?

pcb boards recycling machineDOING Brand PCB boards recycling machine

Besides, there are also gold, silver, palladium, etc. rare metals in PCB boards. They can be sold at higher price. In consequence, the profit in above example is much more than $400/ton.

Another thing you must know is that, in 2017, China forbids the import of solid waste, then many country need to treat waste by themselves. Some governments very support to start waste recycling project, even provide financial support. Among these waste, E-Waste is very valuable and its amount is very large. According to the Global E-Waste Monitoring 2020 released by The United Nations, there are 5360 tons E waste produced all around the world in 2019 and it will increased to 7400 tons in 2030.

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