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What's advantage of copper wire recycling machine?

Copper wire recycling machine is the equipment, which is designed for processing the scrap wires to get high purity of copper. It is also called copper wire granulator machine, because the separated copper looks like rice. In fact, there are many kinds of machines to separate copper from wires, but a lot of people choose the copper wire recycling machine. It is all because that copper wire recycling machine has many advantages which the other machines don't have. The following passage will make a detail introduction about what's the advantage of copper wire recycling machine.

1, High separation rate

copper wire recycling machineCopper wire recycling machine

One set copper wire recycling machine usually consists of a shredder, crusher, air separation and electrostatic. The shredder and crusher can crush the various wires into small particles, which will make it easy for copper wire recycling machine to process. Then by using air separator and electrostatic separator, the copper and plastic will be separated from these particles. The electrostatic separator adopts the principle of different conductivities of metal and non-metal in the magnetic field to separate copper and plastic. So the separation can reach to 99%. Higher separation rate, higher profit. It means that you can get high profit by using copper wire recycling machine.

2, Wide range of application

Various scrap cable wiresVarious scrap cable wires

Wide range of application is also one of advantages of copper wire recycling machine. Copper wire recycling machine is specially designed for processing various scrap wires, so it can process all kinds of the scrap wire. The copper wires, telephone wires, industrial cables, communication wires, car wires, even the aluminum wires, which are common in our daily life, can be processed by copper wire recycling machine. No matter the wires are too thin or too thick, copper wire recycling machine can process them easily and clearly.

3, Environmental friendly

copper wire recycling machineCopper wire recycling machine

The copper wire recycling machine adopts dry physical separation way to process these scrap wires. The whole process of copper wire recycling machine is shredding, crushing and separation, which will not generate waste water, fire and toxic chemicals. Besides, we have a pulse dust removal system to collect the waste air, which will not emission to environment. It is a totally environmental friendly machine.

4, Low cost

copper wire recycling machineCopper wire recycling machine

Besides the above advantages of copper wire recycling machine, the copper wire recycling machine also has the advantage of low cost. Under the system of PLC control, it is easy for people to operate. This machine only needs 2 workers to operate. The one is charge in the feeding, the other worker is responsible for concerning about the situation about copper separated. And it is small footprint, because it is designed in all-in-one, which will only need a small land to install it. It means that you will cost less money on labor force and land.

5, High working efficiency

Capacity(Kg/h)   Overall Dimension Power(Kw) Weight(Kg) Recovery Rate
100-150kg/h (DY-400) 4000*2000*2300mm 25kw 1500kg ≥99.9%
200-300kg/h (DY-600) 5000*4000*2500mm 38kw 3500kg
300-400kg/h (DY-800) 6000*5000*4200mm 65kw 4500kg
500-600kg/h 14000*6000*4200mm 100kw 7000kg
1000kg/h 18000*14000*4200mm 210kw 10000kg
2000kg/h 28000*20000*5000mm 300kw 15000kg

Copper wire recycling machine has pretty high working efficiency. It has many processing capacities, such as 100-150 kg/h, 200-300 kg/h, 500-700 kg/h and so on. The biggest processing capacity can be 2.5 t/h. In addition, we can custom made according to your processing capacity per day. With the large processing capacity, it can process the wires quickly.

These are the advantages of copper wire recycling machine. If you are interested in this machine, welcome to contact us anytime. Henan Doing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd will serve you wholeheartedly.

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