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What preparations need to be made before starting aluminum plastic recycling business?

Aluminum products can be seen everywhere in our lives. Aluminum is a metal that can be recovered 100%, so the price of aluminum has always been high. Coupled with the increasing awareness of resource conservation and environmental awareness in recent years, many people have start aluminum plastic recycling business. But they don't know what preparations need to be made before starting aluminum plastic recycling business. Today we will discuss this topic.

At first, we suggest you do the market survey which the competition of the aluminum plastic recycling business in your local, because it affects the supplier of raw material to ensure your capacity and for you learn about the approximate cost of the business.

For example, aluminum and plastic can be separated from many kinds of aluminum plastic composite panels and packages, like medical blister packs, food package, etc. The price of these aluminum plastic composite is different. Take aluminum plastic plate as an example,the aluminum content in the single-layer waste tablet is 12%, and the aluminum content in the composite package of high blood sugar and the like is about 65-70%. The price of different content of aluminum material is naturally different. In the Chinese market, the price of waste tablets is about $350 per ton.

aluminum plastic recycling businessHow to start aluminum plastic recycling business

Secondly, the separated aluminum and plastics can be used in which industries, because it is related to your sales problems. According to the market research, the price of the aluminum recycled on the market is about 1.5 dollars per kilogram and the price of plastic is about 0.6 dollars per kilogram, so you can sell it to aluminum metal and plastic factory, or like forge plant, steel mill and so on. You can find any place which may use the aluminum and sell to them and check how much profit you can get.

Then how to separate aluminum from plastic? Aluminum plastic separation machine could achieve it. You need to find the supplier of aluminum plastic separation machine.There are lots of small factories and trade companies recently because the aluminum plastic recycling business is hot sale, so we suggest you choose the suppliers which has their own factory, has lots of sales experiences and the quality is good. Of course, it’s better that you visit the factory to check the machine configuration, test machine and production ability of factory. For instance, DOING have more than 8 years experiences of recycle business and sold lots of recycling machine to all over the world, especially to India.

aluminum plastic separation machine aluminum plastic separation machine

At last, find a place to put the raw material and machine according to the area of machine.Our aluminum plastic separation machine is integrated design, the size isn’t very big. And usually 1-2 workers is enough for operating the machine because it is automatic, just hire the normal workers is okay. This is necessary for countries with tight land resources.

Above is approximate process of start aluminum plastic recycling business,we could make a detailed plan if you are interested in the business and confused on how to start it.Welcome your inquiry and visit.

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