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What preparations need to be made before starting aluminum plastic recycling business?

Because the aluminum plastic composite materials can be separated into aluminum and plastic, and we can get profit by selling the aluminum and plastic, so more and more people want to start aluminum plastic recycling business. But each business will has its risks. So we should make some preparations before starting aluminum plastic recycling business.

The first preparation is to get adequate fund.

aluminum plastic recycling machineWhere money is needed

If a person wants to start a business, funding must be the first item that needs to be prepared. Because it will take a large amount of money for you on something, such as on machine, land, labor force and other things. The adequate fund will make it easy for you to start a business.

The second preparation is to choose a suitable machine.

aluminum plastic recycling machineAluminum plastic recycling machine

Generally speaking, if one person want to start a recycling business, the processing capacity per day will be large, which is impossible to handle by labor force. So a suitable machine is needed to process such large amount aluminum plastic composite materials. Henan Doing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd has aluminum plastic separation machine with different capacities, which varies 200kg/h to 1000kg/h. If you have larger processing capacity, we can custom made according to your needs. Besides, it is easy to operate, just need 1 or 2 workers to operate. And its separation rate and working efficiency is pretty high. The separation rate can reach to 99%.

The third preparation you should made is to calculate the profit what will you get.

Take the 300kg/h aluminum plastic separation machine of Henan Doing Environment Protection Technology Co., Ltd. This machine just need 2 workers to operate. The selling price for aluminum is around $1517.43/T and $658.71/T for plastic. If work 8 hours per day, The Doing’s aluminum plastic separation machine can recycle 2.4 tons waste aluminum plastic composite materials. We can get 0.48T aluminum and 1.92T plastic. After calculating, The total cost per day is $952.57, and total income is $2070.86, so the profit per day is $1118.29.

Running cost / Day
Item Input Quantity Price($) Input cost($) Total cost($)
1 Waste aluminum plastic composite materials  300kg/h*8h=2.4T 357.14 857.14 952.57
2 Power consumption 46Kw/H*8H=368KwH 0.14/KwH 52.57
3 Workers 2 workers 21.42/Day 42.86
Income / Day
Item Output Quantity Price($) Income($) Total income($)
1 Aluminum 2.4T*20%=0.48T 1517.43 754.29 2070.86
2 Plastic 2.4T*80%=1.92T 658.71 1316.57
Daily profit = daily income - daily cost=2070.86-952.57=1118.29($)

As the content of aluminum is different, and the price of aluminum is different too, so you can take a reference of above profit chart to calculate your profit of aluminum plastic recycling business.

In fact, there are other preparations should be made to start aluminum plastic recycling business, like getting enough raw materials, feasibility analysis, etc. If you are a newer to start aluminum plastic recycling machine, welcome to contact us to ask for help. Our experienced sales manager will help you without reservation.

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