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How much does it cost to buy radiator recycling machine?

Radiator recycling machine is professionally to process the waste radiators to recycle the copper and aluminum out for profit. This machine is not only environmental friendly, but also low-cost and high return, which has attracted more and more people’s attention on the cost to buy radiator recycling machine.

radiator recycling machine Factors affect the cost to buy radiator recycling machine

However, the cost of radiator recycling machine is not fixed, it’s affected by many factors, like the raw material type that customers need to process, the capacity of the machine that customers require, the machine configurations, the separating rate of the machine and the machine quality are all contributing to the difference of the cost to buy radiator recycling machine. The following we will make a simple analysis of these factors:

Firstly, it’s the raw material. As for the neat waste radiators, the stripping type radiator separator machine is enough to process and separate the copper and aluminum. But as for the scrap waste radiators, it will need the radiator recycling equipment to recycle it. These two machines are both radiator recycling machine, but customers can choose according to their raw material. The radiator separator is more simple than the large scale radiator recycling machine and its cost can be much cheaper too.

radiator recycling machine Stripping type radiator separator machine

Secondly, it’s the machine capacity. The machine capacity is different according to the amount of raw material the customers want to process per hour or per day. And certainly the cost to buy radiator recycling machine of different capacities is different too.

Thirdly it’s the configurations of the machine. Combined with the customer's raw material and requirements, we will suggest customers with the proper machine configuration which can best meet the customer’s need. For example, DOING radiator recycling machine is equipped with dust removal device, which could ensure no dust fly around during the operation. So the cost to buy radiator recycling machine which is suitable for customers is not the same too.

radiator recyccling machine Large scale radiator recycling machine

Of course, the machine separation rate and quality are also the reason that affect the cost of the radiator recycling machine. In market, from different supplier, the machine specifications and technology is different, which can make machine itself cost different. So the cost for customers to buy radiator recycling machine will also be different.

If you want to know the specific price of radiator recycling machine business or want to buy a radiator recycling machine, please feel free to contact our DOING company!


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