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Profit analysis of E-waste PCB recycling business

Some people often asks a question, is E-waste PCB recycling business a profitable business? The answer is yes. Waste circuit boards are recyclable because they contain dozens of metals and even rare metals. If properly recycled, it will be a profitable business. If you don't know about the E-waste PCB recycling business, let's do a detailed profit analysis today.

We know that profit is income minus cost. For E-waste PCB recycling business, the main cost is to collect waste circuit board. The main income is the separate sale of aluminum and plastic. Now let's list them one by one so that you can understand them better. Because global metal prices are roughly the same, we use the Chinese market as an example for profit analysis.

PCB recycling businessProfit analysis of E-waste PCB recycling business

a. Cost: The price of waste circuit board is about $857 per ton.

b. Metal and non-metal content: Ordinary PCB board, containing about 18% metal (different types of waste circuit boards, different copper content, such as computer and TV boards, metal content up to 30-40%)

c. The market price of the final product: the price of the separated mixed metal is $7142 per ton, and the market price of resin fiber is about $142 per ton.

d. Processing capacity: Take 500Kg / h equipment as an example, run 8 hours per day

e. Profit: Excluding electricity consumption and worker costs, the daily profit of E-waste PCB recycling business is about $2,050.

It can be seen that E-waste PCB recycling business is a profitable business.

PCB recycling machine DOING PCB recycling machine

There are hundreds of millions of tons of waste PCB boards in the world every day. Such as a variety of used circuit boards, computer boards, TV boards and a variety of waste electronic motherboards and processing waste. These discarded PCB boards can be seen everywhere in our daily lives. In fact, garbage is a misplaced resource. As long as we recycle it with PCB recycling machine, we can turn waste into treasure.

We DOING is committed to the production of waste recycling machinery for more than ten years, has our own technical team and factory, if you are interested in E-waste PCB recycling business, you can contact us, we will provide the most satisfactory equipment according to your requirements.

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