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What preparations are needed to start a radiator recycling business?

With the increase in the number of air conditioners and the rise in copper and aluminum prices, starting a radiator recycling business has become more and more popular for its considerable benefits. If you want to start a radiator business requires us to make preparations from the following three aspects.

radiator recycling machineVarious waste radiators

At first, having a stable radiator resources. As we all know, the more radiator, the more profit. Before we do this business, it is better to do a research to know how many tons radiators you can get per day. This helps us to determine the processing capacity of the radiator recycling machine.

radiator recycling businessSeparated copper, aluminum and a few iron

Secondly, knowing the metal sales way. The metal price is not stable, especially in the epidemic time. Because of the Covid-19, the metal resources are shortage, so the price of metal are rising. The radiator recycling machine can recycle and break the radiator so as to separate copper, aluminum, and iron. These products can be sold directly in the metal market. For now, the price of copper is about 10500 USD/Ton, aluminum is about 2500 USD/Ton, it is a good news for people who do radiator recycling business.

radiator recycling machineRadiator recycling machine

Last but not least, purchasing a proper radiator recycling machine to process radiators. About the radiator recycling machine, here are mainly two kinds of machine for you to choose, one is radiator stripping machine, the other is radiator crushing and separating machine. If your radiator is flat, you can purchase radiator stripping machine and processing capacity is small. And if you have big quantity of radiator, you can purchase radiator crushing and separating machine, it can handle all kinds of radiators.

I suggest all the new investors purchase the radiator recycling machine from professional and reliable manufacturer, it is very beneficial to help you maximize the benefits. Doing company has more than 10 years radiator recycling machine manufacturing and installation experience, and we have professional sale team and engineer team to make sure you will have a good experience of purchasing machine. If you are interested, please contact with us.

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