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Small-scale radiator recycling machine

DOING company has two types of radiator recycling machines: large-scale radiator recycling machine and small-scale radiator recycling machine. In this article, I will introduce a small-scale radiator recycling machine. The small-scale radiator recycling machine is also known as a stripping type radiator recycling machine. It mainly deals with flat and intact air conditioner radiators, automobile copper aluminum water tanks, etc.

The overall processing work of the small-scale radiator recycling machine:

small-scale radiator recycling machineSmall-scale radiator recycling machine and radiator cutting machine

Since the small-scale radiator recycling machine can only handle 19mm, 21mm and 25mm radiators, a radiator cutting machine must be used to cut the radiator into suitable size. The radiator cutting machine is an auxiliary equipment of the small-scale radiator recycling machine. It is mainly used to cut a larger radiator into a smaller radiator, or cut multiple layers into one or two layers. In addition, it can also cut the iron on the radiator.

After processing the size of the radiator and removing the iron, just put the radiator into small-scale radiator recycling machine, and the entire copper tube will be directly separated from the waste radiator. The aluminum foil will also be separated from the radiator in the shape of block.

small-scale radiator recycling machineEntire copper tube and aluminum foil blocks

The main advantages of the small-scale radiator recycling machine:

small-scale radiator recyclinig machineAdvantages of small-scale radiator recycling machine

a, small footprint, only a small area is needed to install it;

b,high recycling rate, what we get is the entire copper tube and aluminum foil, there is no waste of the radiator almost;

c, high work efficiency, the machine just needs a few minutes can finish the separation work.

As a manufacturer of radiator recycling machine, DOING company provides pre-sales and after-sales services as well as technical support to ensure your good user experience and product quality. Besides, we also have other recycling machines, such as copper cable wire recycling machine, PCB board recycling machine, etc. If you want to know more about the recycling machine, please contact us.

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