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What is the future of copper cable granulator in copper recycling?

Copper cable granulator machine is used to process scrap copper wires to get copper and plastic. Copper cable granulator occupies an increasingly important position in copper recycling. Why? We do a simple analysis as follows.

Why is copper recycling required?

The global copper mine resources are limited and will continue to be tight in the future. Scrap copper recycling can reuse resources and alleviate the shortage of supply.

copper cable granulator Scrap copper wires that can be recycled by copper cable granulator

What materials can be recycled to get copper?

Scrap copper wires is a kind of misplaced resource. Scrap copper wires such as industry cables, car wires, cell phone wires can be recycled to get copper and plastic. In general, the scrap copper wires contain copper from 40% to 45%. The copper content in scrap car wires is 60%. After processing, both copper and plastic can be sold on the market and the profit is considerable.

Why do I need a copper cable granulator in copper recycling?

copper cable granulator Copper cable granulator

The main advantage of copper cable granulator is that it is suitable for processing a variety of cables from 3mm to 20 mm. Through crushing, air separation and electrostatic separation, the separated copper and plastic is very pure so that there is no plastic in copper and no copper in plastic. In addition, copper cable granulator is an environmentally friendly machinery which does not produce secondary pollution. [Related recommend: How does a copper wire granulator work?]

From above we can know that copper cable granulator plays an important role in copper recycling. Copper cable granulator is the best choice for recyclers to start copper wire recycling business. If you want to buy a copper cable granulator, you can feel free to contact us. We DOING company as a copper cable granulator manufacturer, we always provide customers with quality machine and the best service.


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