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How much does it cost to start a radiator recycling business?

How much it costs to invest in a radiator recycling business is an issue concerned by many customers who are interested in this business or want to start this business. Generally speaking, the cost of starting a radiator recycling business can be measured from the following aspects: raw material cost, plant land cost, radiator recycling machinery cost and radiator recycling plant operation cost.

1.Raw material cost

radiator recycling machineVarious waste radiators

The prices of radiator raw material varies in different areas, but it is usually cheap, and in some areas, it’s even free. This results in the difference of raw material costs directly. The specific price of radiator can be studied according to local national policies and market conditions.

2.Plant land cost

To start a radiator recycling business, a piece of land need to be prepared. You can rent or buy the land, and it is better if you have your own land. If you do not know how much land is needed to build a radiator recycling plant, or do not know how to plan the plant layout, you can contact DOING company, our professional engineers and technical team will customize the solutions for you.

3.Radiator recycling machinery cost

radiator recycling machineRadiator recycling machinery

The radiator recycling machinery cost is mainly different, and the detailed cost of radiator recycling machinery is affected by multiple factors, such as processing capacity, automation degree, and machinery configuration. To obtain the detailed cost, you can contact DOING for free quote.

As a experienced manufacturer and exporter of radiator recycling machinery, DOING can customize it according to customers' processing and environmental protection needs, offering customers more choices and saving the investment costs. [Related Reading: What's the working process of radiator recycling plant?]

4.Radiator recycling plant operation cost

The main operation cost mainly includes labor and power consuption.

A radiator recycling business needs:

①1-2 workers to operate(for feeding and observing the separating condition);

②Power consumption is around 41-469kw/h due to different configuration

radiator recycling machineCost of radiator recycling business

From this introduction, I believe you have a general idea of how much it costs to invest in a radiator recycling business. DOING company has helped clients from more than 60 countries install the radiator recycling plant, if you also want to invest in this business and make more profits, please feel free to contact us!

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