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What's the working process of radiator recycling plant?

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The working process of radiator recycling plant including shredding, crushing, negative-pressure baffle separator, magenatic separation and air separation. The details of the working process as follows.

radiator recycling plant Radiator recycling plant

Shredding - The double shaft shredder can squeeze, tear and shred the waste radiators into strip materials with 5 cm width and uneven length. The shredded materials can be evenly put into the crusher to improve the crushing efficiency and increase the output.

Crushing - The hammer crusher can produce high-speed rotation of the blades to generate impact and shearing forces on the materials put into it, so as to crush the materials and provide materials with uniform particle size for subsequent sorting.

Negative-pressure baffle separator - The broken waste radaitors pass through the negative-pressure baffle separator to sort out a part of light aluminum, reduce the pressure of the specific gravity sorter and improve the sorting purity and processing capacity. The negative pressure baffle separator is a new type of radiator recycling plant configuration, which can increase the metal output of the radiator recycling plant.

radiator recycling plant The separated aluminum from waste radiators

Magnetic separation - The broken metal passes through the belt magnetic separator on the conveyor, and the iron in the material is separated by the magnetic separator.

Air separation - There is a fan inside the airflow sorter. After the crushed materials enter the airflow sorter, under the effect of its own density and wind force, the lighter aluminum will fall farther inside the airflow sorter, so as to sort out most of the aluminum in the material. Therefore, according to the different specific gravity of copper and aluminum, the airflow sorter discharges copper and aluminum from different outlets.

radiator recycling plant The separated copper from waste radiators

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