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The working process of PCB separator machine

Date:Jul 06, 2020/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Get a free quote

PCB separator machine is an E waste recycling machinery, which is specially designed for separating precious metals and resin & fiber from scrap circuit boards for recycling use. The working process of PCB separator machine is easy to operate and pollution free.

The whole working process of PCB separator machine is dry type. The PCB separator machine uses physical separation methods to recycle scrap circuit board. Here are steps about the whole working process of PCB separator machine.

PCB separator machine PCB separator machine and the separated metals & non-metals

The first step is shredding or crushing. The circuit board is too big to deal with. This step is necessary and important. The circuit board will be crushed into small pieces for further produce.

The second step is sieving by the Eddy-vibrating screen. If the crushed circuit board is too big, it will be returned to crusher to be crushed again until the size can be accepted.

And then is air separation and electrostatic separation. Air separator separate metals and non-metals through it's different specific gravity. If you have high required with the separation rate, the PCB separator machine can be equipped with electronic separator to separate metals from resin fiber. The separated metals is very pure and can be sold on the market directly.

And here has another case, if the scrap circuit board has electronic components, the first step is dismantling the electronic components from scrap circuit board by PCB dismantling machine. After dismantled, the electronic components can be sold and the bare board can be processed by PCB separator machine to get precious metals.

PCB separator machine PCB dismantling machine dismantle enectronic components from bare board

The PCB separator machine is an environment friendly machine, no fire, no chemical pollution, no water pollution, no secondary waste. During the whole process, dust removal system to ensure the working environment clean.

Because there are different raw material and different clients has different requires, we can customize the PCB separator machine according to customer requirements. More details about working process of PCB separator machine, please feel free to contact us.


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