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PCB dismantling machine

PCB dismantling machine is a kind of supporting equipment for PCB recycling machine, which is mainly used to dismantle the electronic components from waste circuit boards of computer, TV and other electric appliance.The electronic components dismantled from PCB base boards could be collected and sold separately.

There are plenty of electronic components on the waste circuit boards. If directly throw the waste circuit boards away, it will pollute the environment. In fact, some of the electronic components can be collected for recycling use. Thus for the PCB recycling, it’s necessary to do some dismantling treatment to separate the electronic components from the waste circuit boards. Normally the electronic components are connected to the circuit boards by soldering tin. PCB dismantling machine can separate electronic components from waste circuit boards.

PCB dismantling machine PCB dismantling machine

The process of PCB dismantling machine

Regarding the PCB dismantling machine, the electronic component disassembling furnace has a temperature-controlled probe, and the melting point of the solder is 180-200 degrees, so when the temperature reaches a certain temperature, the tin melts and the electronic component automatically falls off. And when it reaches a certain temperature, it will not heat up, and will automatically heat up after cooling down. The furnace inside the machine rotates, and the electronic components fall onto the vibrating screen and sift through the collision of the electronic components and the board surface. Tin will remain in the tin bath.[This article maybe you are interested: Recycle printed circuit boards for cash]

Advantages of PCB dismantling machine

Compared with the manual way, the PCB dismantling machine is automatic operation and high efficiency. The process of PCB dismantling machine will not produce secondary pollution. Then PCB after dismantling, the left base board can be directly separated by the PCB recycling machine to precious metals and non-metal materials for recycling use.

PCB recycling machine PCB recycling machine

E-waste waste circuit board is a misplaced resource that can be turned into waste by recycling. Both the electronic component and the left base board can be recycled. Deep information about the PCB dismantling machine and PCB recycling machine, welcome your visit to DOING Company or contact us through our website.


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