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Why is copper wire granulator machine the best way to recycle copper wires?

There are many ways to recycle scrap copper wires, but using a copper wire granulator machine to recycle copper wires is the most popular method. As a beginner in the industry, you may be curious. This article will help you understand the reason from the advantages and disadvantages about the different processing ways.

1, Processing scrap wires by fire

Process scrap wires by fireProcessing scrap wires by fire

This way is easy to understand, incineration makes the plastic melting, and then we will get copper. As we all know, burning plastic will produce toxic gases, which can do harm to environment and human health. In order to protect environment, some countries’ government enact related policy to protect environment, so this way isn’t recommended due to the environment protection.

2, Processing scrap wires by water

water type copper wire recycling machineWater type copper wire recycling machine

This way need a water type copper wire recycling machine. It uses a gravity shaker for sorting, according to the different gravity of copper and plastic. But it is necessary to constantly add water during the working process, which not only wastes water resources, but also causes some pollution to the environment if the copper and plastic particles enter the soil. So it doesn’t be encouraged, even it will cause a arrest in some country.

3, Processing scrap wires by physical way

dry type copper wire recycling machineDry type copper wire granulator machine

The physical way means copper wire granulator machine. This machine can achieve the separation of copper and plastic through shredding, crushing and air separation and electrostatic separation. The separation rate can reach to over 99.9%. The whole process is different from fire and water, which won't generate air pollution and water pollution. This way is totally friendly to environment.

After knowing the difference among the copper wire recycling methods, I believe that you have found the reason why should people recycle copper by copper wire granulator machine. Henan Doing Company is specialized in waste recycling machine more than ten years, we have own high qualified engineer team. If you interest in the machine, feel free to contact us.

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