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Which raw materials can waste circuit board recycling machine dispose?

Waste circuit board recycling machine can be applicable to recycle waste circuit boards from computer, mouse, telephone, cellphone, TV, or other electric appliance, and waste part of copper clad laminate (CCL), etc. These waste circuit boards will be crushed and separated, to get metals and resin fibers. If you want to start waste circuit board recycling business, you don't worry about the raw materials at all, because nowadays, the replacement speed of electronic products is very fast, which results in lots of waste circuit boards producing.

waste circuit boardWaste circuit boards

As long as you have raw materials, you can get big profit from waste circuit board recycling business. Why? The waste circuit boards are called “gold mine” in our daily life. 1 ton waste circuit boards contain around 300-500g gold, 700-1500g silver, 130-150kg copper and other precious metals. These metals can be sold around 10000USD/ton even over 10000USD/ton.

circuit board recyclingThe metals content of waste circuit board

If you want to sell the metals at higher price, you need high separation rate waste circuit board recycling machine, because the higher the purity, the higher the price. Doing Company's waste circuit board recycling machine adopts physical separation principle, whose separation rate can reach to above 99%.

How does DOING Brand waste circuit board recycling machine recycle waste circuit board? Firstly, if your waste circuit board with electronic components, you need use PCB dismantling machine to remove electronic components from base board. Secondly, using PCB recycling machine to dispose the base boards, through shredding, crushing, air separation, electrostatic separation, metals and resin fiber separated out.

circuit board recycling machineThe process of circuit board recycling

All the operation is very easy because waste circuit board recycling machine is fully automatically working. And in the whole process, there is dust removal system working all the time, which can ensure the production qualified the environmental requirements. Do you want to know more about our waste circuit board recycling machine? Contact us now!

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