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How to choose a reliable PCB separator machine manufacturer?

Nowadays, with the development of the Internet, the replacement of computers is getting faster and faster, which inevitably results in many waste PCBs. PCB separator machine can not only recycle these waste PCBs to separate mixed metals and resin powder&fibers for reusing, but also bring considerable profits to people. But how can we choose a reliable PCB separator machine manufacturer? Here is a tip to help you!

It’s suggested to analyze it from the following three aspects: machine quality, manufacturer strength and after-sales.

First of all, the machine quality is an important basis for us to choose PCB separator machine manufacturers. The PCB separator machine quality is directly linked to the operation stability and the profit situation of the PCB recycling plant. We can examine the machine quality in terms of machine material, process technology and metal recovery rate.

PCB separator machinePCB separator machine

DOING's PCB separator machine is made of stainless steel and is very durable. And the machine adopts the method of totally dry physical separation advocated by PCB recycling policy, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and the metal separation rate is as high as 99%.

Secondly, we need to learn about the PCB separator machine manufacturer strength. A reliable manufacturer is usually a direct seller rather than a middleman, and it's better to have professional engineers and manufacturing teams to develop and produce machine. In this way, the manufacturers can provide customers with the most suitable PCB separator machine at a more favorable price.

PCB separator machineDoing factory

DOING Group has 10+ years of machine manufacturing experience. We not only have professional engineer teams to make sure technology update and provide all-around technological support, but also have independent factory and mechanical processing machine, such as bending machine, laser cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine and so on to make sure customize the best machine for customers at the factory price.

Last but not the least, the reliable machine manufacturer should have the ability to provide complete after-sales for customers. The after-sales service is like an insurance for the PCB separator machine, which can reduce your worries about the quality of the products.

PCB separator machineAfter-sale service

DOING provides one-year warranty for our machines. And once there is any problem on machine running, we can provide online or video guidance at any time. Besides that, our technical team can also offer the plant layout, machine layout diagram, building condition drawing, equipment basic condition diagram, etc according to customer's requirement.

Taking all we talked above into account, we may find that DOING Group is a good choice for you. If you are interested in our PCB separator machine, you can contact with Doing Group, our sales managers will customize you more professional PCB purchasing solution to help you develop PCB recycling business smoothly.

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