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What's the waste treatment process overseas after China bans the import of foreign waste?

Using different environmental friendly recycling machines to recycle different waste is the most popular waste treatment process now. Especially after China bans the import of foreign waste, these recycling machines are more and more welcomed overseas.
In recent years, waste has been restricted from importing in China. So those waste in developed countries, have to be moved to other countries like some Southeast Asian countriesfor processing, However, as for these wastes, most of them are recyclable and have much recycling value, such as waste cable wires and waste circuit boards, both of them can be recycled again and get the metals out for profit.Therefore, more and more people want to know more waste treatment process and start recycling business.

wastetreatmentprocessMetals separated from waste cable wires and waste circuit boards

The traditional waste treatment process is to use water washing, burning or chemical extraction to get the metals out from the waste cable wires or the waste circuit board.However, these waste treatment processnot only costly but also pollutes the environment so it’s gradually not acceptable by people now. Therefore, many countries now use physical separation technology which is non-polluting and low cost to recycle the waste.
Now I will briefly introduce how overseas countries use environmentally friendly waste treatment process to recycle waste, and I hope to be useful to you.
Copper wire recycling machine is used to separate copper and plastic for further use, Any building wires and cables, industrial cables, electric vehicle cable, distributed generation cable, etc, all could be recycled through copper wire recycling machine This machine is simple to operate, just through the main process of crushing, air separation and electrostatic separation, the copper and plastic will be separated effectively. The metal recycling rate can be reaching to almost 100%, so the final product after recycling is very pure. Furthermore, small capacity integrated copper cable wire recycling machine is easy to install and operate, so this waste treatment process to recycle the waste cables is very hot now.

wastetreatmentprocessDOING recycling machine

Then as for the waste circuit boards, it needs the PCB recycling machine to process them. The PCB recycling machine is professionally process the printed circuit boards to recycle the metals for selling or further use. With the process of crushing, air separation and electrostatic separation, the metals recycling rate could be reaching to above 99%.

wastetreatmentprocessThe recyclable raw materials

In addition to copper wire recycling machine and PCB recycling machine, there are also some other recycling equipment to specialized recycle the waste aluminum-plastic composites or waste radiators.[Related recommend : Aluminum plastic separation machine and radiator recycling machine ]. So if you are interested in more waste treatment process or plan to start a waste recycling business, please feel free to contact us, we DOING will provide you with professional support.

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