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What can you do with old car radiators?

Maybe you think old car radiators is rubbish that you want to throw away, but do you know it can be recycled and separate copper, aluminum and iron to be sold in metal recycling market? If you don't know that, you had better read this article carefully, because you may find a good investment project.

radiator recyclingOld radiators can be recycled and separate copper, aluminum and iron

Henan Doing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd is professional manufacturer of metal & plastic separating machine, devoting to this industry more than 9 years. We can tell you if you can obtain enough raw material - old car radiators or other air conditioner radiators, then now is your best chance to start the copper & aluminum recycling business, because the price of copper in 2020 is increasing all the time, and with the development of communication technology and manufacturing industry, the current copper demand is also always growing. What's more, copper & aluminum recycling business with small investment, short period of cost recovery, can make you get high profit in short period.

How to start the copper & aluminum recycling business? Except for enough raw material, you also need buy a set of high quality radiator recycling machine. Doing Company can provide two kinds of radiator recycling machine for you: large scale radiator recycling machine and stripping type radiator recycling machine.

radiator recycling machineLarge scale radiator recycling machine

Large scale radiator recycling machine is a complete production line which can process all kinds of old radiators, regardless if the shape is complete or not. You just need put old car radiators onto transportation machine, through shredding, crushing, negative pressure baffle separation, magnetic separation and air separation processes, you will get pure copper, aluminum and iron separately. And during whole process, pulse dust collector will collect dust to maintain the cleanness of the working area, which also can make you don't worry about environmental issue. Besides, the capacity of large scale radiator recycling machine can be customized into 500kg/h to 2t/h. So you can ask the quotation according to your amount of raw materials.

radiator recycling machineStripping type radiator recycling machine

Another kind is stripping type radiator recycling machine, which only can process old radiators in good shape, and the capacity is small, less than 500kg/h, but it is low cost. If your raw materials are all old radiators in good shape, using stripping type radiator recycling machine can separate the copper tube and aluminum foil very easily.

Both kinds of radiator recycling machine are designed and manufactured by our Doing Company. We have own engineer team and factory, can give you the most favorable price and best after-sale service. Contact us for newest quotation!

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